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OLM Real Estate is a company which is destined to contribute to resolving the housing crisis in Sweden by constructing.

OLM Real Estate is a company which is destined to contribute to resolving the housing crisis in Sweden by constructing and managing residential houses throughout Sweden.

OLM Real Estate is a company whose business model is to build, own and manage real estate assets, primarily for the residential rental housing market. 

OLM Real Estate is a customer focused and technology-oriented company that develops housing according to market needs. We are convinced that there is a clear position for OLM Real Estate in the market. The market research that we have conducted, and complemented by recent media coverage, demonstrates that an extremely high demand exists for rental accommodation throughout Sweden. Competitors do already exist in the market, but with the combination of affordable rentals, solid knowledge of the building industry and our team’s high level of commitment and expertise, OLM Real Estate will be able to establish itself quickly within many municipalities. Our key competitive advantage is that our properties will be digitally managed, with everything from rental showings, lease contracts, fault reporting and maintenance scheduling handled online. 

The CEO of the company is Robert Hellgren. His vast experience in the construction industry and extensive management skill will ensure the close cooperation between all parts of the company that is necessary to achieve a high-quality business. What we call the OLM model, with standardised solutions that can be easily customised, is our way of disrupting the housing market in Sweden. Our goal of building 1,000 apartments per year is ambitious, but our vision of owning and managing 5,000 rental apartments with a sense of social responsibility and environmental sustainability is our driving force. When our goal is realised, we will be ensuring a place in history for OLM Real Estate. 

Our focus will be on the development and continuous improvement of building techniques that are right for the times. We are of course aware that while we have developed a revolutionary method of building using carefully prefabricated packages, our solution also requires hard work to ensure that we do address the environmental issues, social issues and the requirements for efficient housing that will change at every site.

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