PodMiners (POMT) ICO review

"PodMiners is a digital radio and podcasting platform that promotes freedom of speech.

PodMiners is a digital radio & podcasting platform, built on top of blockchain technology. It is created & crafted with love for creators (broadcasters, online publishers, media persons) & consumers.

It is believed that digital media platforms are tough competition for the radio and podcast industry. The podcasters have to struggle hard to reach and hold long-time listeners. Financing, press freedom, copyright violation, low-quality content & discoverability are some of the serious issues in the industry.

PodMiners is a platform for podcasting and live radio streaming. Based on the blockchain technology, this platform has a lot to offer to the industry. The podcasters or content creators can register and authorize their content as a programmed contract directly to the blockchain. Creators can monetize their content and with these contracts, collection and distribution of the payments remain under the creator's control.

Not just the creators, this platform is beneficial for the advertisers also. Podcast ads have the potential to increase the product reach, awareness and revenue. Also, the conversion rate of podcast ads has seen a potential increase in the last couple of years. PodMiners ecosystem allows consumers a consistent experience and access to the

PodMiners APIs through a developer marketplace. It is a medium of exchange where the creators, consumers, and advertisers can collaborate on the same platform by building a global community.

Financing, press freedom, copyright violation, low-quality content, discoverability is some of the serious issues in the industry. Media persons and journalists are the ones who deliver the news to the audience. But they are not free to speak the truth or to share their thoughts. The journalism has been overshadowed by the politics and TRP, for many years, forcing the truth to remain under covers.

PodMiners ICO Presentation

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