Social Chains (SOCT) ICO review

At Social Chains, we believe that users should own their data and participate in the data economy. Privacy is a fundamental right. Fake data is unethical.

At SocialChains, we believe you should own your data and participate in the data economy. Up to half of our company’s profits are shared with users like you …that’s unprecedented. Today, BigTech is reaping the benefits of your data and sharing your data with third parties without oversight. Our privacy exceeds the General Data Privacy Rules (GDPR) of the European Union (EU). Our App cannot access your data without your permission. Every user on our network is verified not only by email and phone but also by physical address and facial verification. Together, we create safe digital neighbourhoods that allow both social connections and commercial transactions to flourish on our network.

  • Globally recognized amongst 1000 Companies for the best use case of Blockchain (Founder World).
  • Social Chains was mentioned prominently in the 2019 blockchain trends.
  • Houston startup aims to flip the script on social media marketing.

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