Sola (SOL) ICO review

Sola is the next-gen decentralized social platform governed by users.

Information sharing has exploded in the last generation. More than 4 billion internet users consume information daily; about 3 billion use social networks. For the most part, this audience is controlled by corporations who extract revenue by selling access to advertisers, treating users as a resource instead of as partners.

Access to an audience and the ability to benefit from information sharing are too valuable to be controlled by just a handful of corporations. Sola is giving the power back to the people. Using blockchain, we are building an open social layer that belongs to all, benefits everyone, and is controlled collectively.
Our mission is to make it easier to reach the audience and benefit both, the users and the developers from it.

Sola's fundamental principles

Our principles represent the core values and our commitments to the community. By following them, we set the rules and maintain trust between everyone involved.


We recognize users as full partners, not as a resource. Sola income is split fairly among users according to their collective decision while a percentage is retained to develop the platform.


Every aspect of Sola is decentralized – operations, media storage, information governance. The platform relies on user-hosted nodes, which makes it highly resilient.

Open ecosystem

We don't believe in walled gardens. You can build on top of Sola without asking for permission. Third-party developers will also be able to audit and improve the core platform.

Open communication

Sola intents to redefine public communication and information exchange. The space for personal communication goes beyond the priorities.


Information distribution is governed by a neutral AI that will be available for audit and improvement to third-party developers. We do not enforce an editorial policy except as needed to ensure a safe, non-toxic environment.


Sola uses its own cryptocurrency for service payments and payments between users. Operations in fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies convert automatically.

Collective government

Users are the only power on Sola – information spreads based on their decisions alone. Third-party developers are free to use Sola infrastructure without platform approval.

Sola ICO Presentation

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