The best new ICO’s tokens were added to our listing with detailed reviews and ratings and experiences made by real people.

The best new ICO’s tokens were added to our listing with detailed reviews and ratings and experiences made by real people.

Here, you can find the top Initial Coin Offerings that are being held currently, as well as the ones that have already finished and are being traded on exchanges or those initial coin offering that are planned to be in the future.

We update this list frequently, so remember to keep an eye on it and don’t miss your chance to participate in the most interesting blockchain project.

We want to provide you with the best and most accurate database of the most interesting and profitable projects, as well as the ones to avoid.


The best new ICO projects are being constantly added to TokenTops ICO list, with all needed information, schedule unbiased ICO reviews and ratings.

ICO ratings and reviews

Every ICO is gets a TokenTops rating written by specialists with experience in researching, buying and trading various cryptoassets and cryptocurrencies. There are also writers, who have already created many cryptocurrency and ICO related articles. New projects are often announced on Reddit, bitcointalk forum or media articles, we monitor all the places for you. In order to ensure unbiased ICO ratings, every user is able to write and submit his own ratings and reviews which greatly contribute to the final evaluation of the project. One person may possibly make a mistake, but multiple people giving the same positive ratings and reviews will make you feel more confident about the ICO you choose.

ICO countdown

Track every ICO project progress and never miss a token sale, as we provide you ICO countdown, their schedule and a calendar of next upcoming ICOs. They are listed here from the moment of announcement through pre-sales and main ICO phases. To never miss a news from any ICO project, you can follow them on TokenTops and watch their stats. After the project is finished it is put to the ICO Stats section, when you can track their price and ROI.

Popularization of Initial Coin Offering

First there was only one cryptocurrency, which was bitcoin. Nowadays, it's hard to keep up with every news and next ICO when they are being announced almost everyday on Bitcoin related forums or Reddit. If you are looking for accurate, detailed and unbiased ICO ratings and reviews, TokenTops ICO watch list is the right place for you. It's easy here to just scroll through thousands of projects on the ICO list, watch and track them based on their ratings, number of user reviews and ICO countdown of finish date. When they hit the market you can track their ROI and count your profits. We provide this ICO watch and countdown list to you for free.

Interesting projects

Even though we are relatively new site, we have already listed many successful projects. First they get good ratings at TokenTops, then they become interesting among buyers and become huge and most importantly successful projects. Among them you can find Icobox, which had a banner here on TokenTops. Utrust, has advertised to the users of TokenTops their new revolution in payments. Many of these projects are based on Ethereum blockchain.

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