CryptoComes is a news platform that covers the crypto industry and community, Blockchain, AI and all new generation tech.

CryptoComes is a news platform that covers the crypto industry and community, Blockchain, AI and all new generation tech. Keeping you tuned to the latest, we also run price analyses and forecasts, reviews, opinions, interviews, feature stories and investigations. Our CryptoTips and reference information will help you cope with crypto economics and learn more.

CryptoComes was founded by editors with extensive experience in both high-quality journalism and the crypto industry. We have developed some very successful projects but we are not satisfied with the current situation when many publications compromise the truth selling out to the highest bidder and twisting their reporting because of the easy money taken from advertisers.

The crypto community deserves better. Our journalism is built upon accuracy, impartiality, independence and accountability. We adhere to the principles of honesty and integrity, committed to deal fairly and openly with our audience. As journalists, we have a responsibility not to mislead.

We appreciate when members of our audience share with us their expertise through social media or by other means. Stay tuned and let’s build a better community together!

Why advertise with CryptoComes?

CryptoComes is the most fast-growing media in Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry of all time. We are only two months old, but our audience is already more than 200,000 people and continues to grow.

50 percent of visitors are from the US and Canada, 18 percent from the UK and 13 percent from Australia. Our staff is more than 50 people, among which 15 American editors and journalists. Over the past five years, our team has participated in the creation of the biggest projects of the crypto industry.

What are the benefits of advertising with CryptoComes?

CryptoComes offers not only advertising that consists of a variety of services. We offer full PR support and consults the promotion for your business before the Blockchain and cryptocurrency audience.

With each client, regardless of the size of your contract, we provide a professional account manager, editor, journalist and many more members of the team.

What exactly do we offer to every client?

Our handpicked PR packs consist of the following list of services:

  • Press-release. We publish and create if it’s necessary press-releases about your business. Also, we offer an option where you can publish your press-release automatically here.
  • Sponsored story. It is a promo article which is written by our journalists and advertises your product. For the comfort of our readers, we mark it as “Sponsored Story.”
  • Native article. Professional longread that qualitatively and comprehensively describes the issue and segment of the market, where your business is presented.If it is not a promo but an explanational article we do not mark it as “Sponsored Story.”
  • Custom development. Any options from contests to quizzes, games and landing pages
  • Content distribution. We know the market as our five fingers. Therefore we are creating not only the content but also choose carefully the places for its publication in the Blockchain industry with the most suitable audience for a reasonable price.
  • Professional content creation. We are creating articles which can be published on Forbes, Bloomberg, NY times and etc.

Contact us right now:  [email protected] and get the most beneficial offer.

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